Creative Day Technologies is thrilled to have Senior Video Engineer Douglas Kaer on the team managing, designing, and engineering one of the most important elements of live event and video production; the technology. 

Doug is based at Creative Day’s Troy - Michigan office, but he also spends significant time at our other branches overseeing our video department company-wide. Doug develops processes for handling equipment so as to best ensure the technology operates reliably on top-of-the-line productions. As the creator of many video systems, at multiple facilities, during his 30+ years in video production, Doug has become a source for consultation to project managers, engineers, and clients on proper equipment utilization. His understanding of system functionality allows him to keep Creative Day personnel up-to-date on best practices for new and existing equipment and software. Currently, Doug is in the process of designing our second 12G flypack Production Switcher Package which will augment our current 12G, 6G, and 3G system offerings.

One of Doug’s proudest achievements in life has been raising his three children into successful adults with their own homes, careers, and families. So it comes as no surprise that a favorite pastime of Doug’s is helping to bring up his three (and counting) grandchildren while also taking care of his home with his wife. 

“I’m excited about the future at Creative Day Technologies because I honestly believe that we have a unique collection of industry veterans and outstanding staff capable of delivering the highest levels of professionalism and technology in our industry.”

Creative Day Technologies is thrilled with the addition of Director of Business Development and Strategy, Paula Lomax, to the team. She has previously taken on executive roles in respected production companies in Michigan, leading teams, sales, ideas, and content to success. 

As Business Development Director, Paula works to improve Creative Day’s market position and achieve financial growth. She will be a key contributor to Creative Days’ long-term strategic goals, build strong customer relationships, and identify business opportunities that fit Creative Day. 

Paula has a unique ability to weave in technology, not for the sake of gadgetry, but rather for something to enhance the overall customer experience. Among other industry accolades, most recently, her approach to technology in events earned her the Drum Award for Best Product Launch for the 2020 Explorer Launch as Executive Producer. 

Business markets is not the only thing Paula is savvy in, she is also the Rain (Wo)man on everything music. She enjoys all genres and is fascinated by music history. Paula loves to dig into artist inspirations and influences to discover new sounds. Exploring music is only half of Paula’s artistic interests, she also enjoys oil painting in her free-time. 

Paula’s passion provides unique experiences by aligning content, space, and technology. Her unmatched personality and talent in live event and digital production makes her a perfect fit at Creative Day.

“I have the opportunity to work with a talented, caring, enthusiastic, and a genuinely nice group of people that give 1000% on every project. It makes me want to work even harder for the team.” 

Creative Day Technologies is very excited to have Senior Project Manager Jason Olivier as part of the Creative Team. He has been involved in live events for twenty years, taking part in all phases of live events from warehousing, logistics, venue coordination, tour management, engineering, and design and drafting, to finally discover his passion in project management. 

Jason has deployed several simultaneous multi-legged tours with multiple crews while also managing multimillion-dollar corporate productions. He is most proud of the recent completion of the 2019 Mackinac Policy Conference.

“It was a challenging project with a lot of complex parts to it, and I was really pleased to get it done with my new team”

he says. As the Project Manager, Jason had to take into account the challenges of a remote venue like the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island and the overall elaborate design of the show which called for multiple room set-ups.  

“Good enough” is not something that will likely ever be said by Jason, he is widely known in the industry for his unmatched work ethic and dedication to completing any task. Jason is a master of details and creativity both at work and at home. When he is not executing many high level projects under extreme conditions and timeframes, Jason is working on his one-man home renovation. This project started off as a quick, single room restoration that turned into a complete reconstruction with the addition of two bathrooms, roof replacement, drywall addition, and much more.

For the handyman he is, it shouldn't come as a surprise that Jason is most excited about “building the Company and its processes from scratch.” His extensive background in many areas of the industry and his organization skills will play a key part in the success of Creative Day as it enters into its second year in business.  

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