Creative Staff Spotlight: Rob

Creative Day is excited to bring onboard our new Production Engineer, Rob Gerwatowski. Rob is a trusted industry veteran, with a variety of live event production skills.

With an excellent attention to detail and exemplary work ethic, Rob makes a valuable addition to the CDTeam. From prepping and pulling gear to designing audio for ballrooms, Rob pursues perfection and success.

Rob has been in the industry for twenty years, starting off his career in corporate theater when he was just out of high school. His initial exposure to live event production was in rigging and lighting, learning about the industry and getting familiar with the complexities of production engineering. Changing gears a few years later for a focus in audio, working on multiple political campaigns and corporate shows across the country. Rob never missed an opportunity to broaden his knowledge in any area of production, but has since fine tuned his audio engineering and design skills to be in the industry’s top ranks.

His desire to explore new skills is evident through the multiple certifications he has earned in both audio and lighting production. These certifications include Dante Certifications Level 1-3, L-Acoustics K2 Systems and System Fundamentals Certification, and Cambridge Sound Management CSM 101 and CSM 102.

“I am excited to help grow Creative Day further. I am also looking forward to the opportunities to learn from the team and grow my skills as the company progresses,” says Rob.

Rob’s professionalism, hard work, and determination for success makes him an obvious and desired fit in Creative Day’s Team. Creative Day is excited to aid in Rob’s continued success and industry standing in the field of audio engineering.