Chief Operating Officer

As our operations leader, Dave is our road warrior. Whether traveling to a live event or shuttling between our Troy and Grand Rapids offices, Dave makes sure things are perfect with our daily operations and shows. His 30 some years in the industry, and work in live news, sports and worldwide Fortune 100 events helps him lead a great team of engineers and technicians.

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Chief Financial Officer

As our Chief Navigation Officer, Don is charting us towards greatness. He carries 30 years of financial and strategic experience in the Live Event space. His knowledge invites a calm perspective when swift response and quick actions are required. He inspires his teams to focus on the internal and external customers first: where we must be vigilant to serving our employees as well as our customers.

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Creative Director

Mark is enthusiastic about events that immerse the audience in an experience that has a lasting impact. His favorite phrase... "What if we did this..."

Mark has designed live events for over 35 years, utilizing insightful listening and demand creation. As a conceptual communicator, Mark's natural preferences is to think in terms of concepts, ideas and possibilities. 

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Senior Project Manager

If you see Jason at your event, you'll know you are in the hands of one of our "greatest showmen". He’s expertly managed multi-legged tours and million-dollar corporate events. Throughout his career, Jason has been involved in almost all phases of event production. He applies all of his knowledge in project management, engineering, design and drafting, tour management, and venue coordination to transform an event design to reality.

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Jeff (JT)
Senior Project Manager

Known in the industry as “JT”… he is recognized for his infallible temperament on show site. When it comes to crew leadership skills JT is top in the industry, he always demonstrates excellent command of the room and efficient planning of a production layout. His experience and clear head under pressure has made him a trusted live event partner to many agencies and Fortune 100 companies for more than 30 years. He loves partnering with them on their ideas and turning them into something spectacular that builds brands and moves messages.

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Warehouse Manager

When it comes to industry knowledge, Chris is our guy. He has brought immeasurable value to Creative Day. Chris came to us from the largest video equipment rental company in the world and is now on-top of our empire of equipment and logistics for all of our locations.

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Mariana makes the magic of Creative Day’s digital space. As a recent Oakland University graduate with Magnum Cum Lade honors, she manages all our social media accounts, advertising, branding content, marketing campaigns, and website design. Mariana also likes to spend time in the field as a graphic operator and running teleprompter.

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Managing Partner, Sales

Sam is our “yes” man. No idea is ever too big or too crazy, Sam gets it done. He has 26 years of experience in live broadcast, corporate video production and large-scale shows and events. His understanding of video and event technology has made him a superstar working with national broadcast networks along with Fortune 100 companies.

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Sr. Event and Video Producer

If you’ve got a story, Lesley wants to tell it. An award-winning video producer and writer… she helps Fortune 500 companies get their message out. Lesley’s great storytelling comes from her years in broadcast news and corporate video. Live show and event production is the perfect place for her messaging. She incorporates exciting creative design, video stories and sound scripting for memorable events.

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Director of Business
Development & Strategy

Paula is our woman with a plan. She has extensive knowledge of current market conditions and the latest trends in event production. Paula’s keen eye for business opportunities is well paired with her unflappable personality. She inspires her team to create unique experiences by weaving together content, space, and technology.

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Senior Project Manager

Derrick is a master at managing live events. As a project manager he bridges the collaboration of the technical team and ensures the smooth execution of even the most complex of productions. Over his 30-year career, he has worked for the top event and video production companies in Michigan. Derrick has traveled around the world managing press events for clients such as the Big Three automotive companies, ESPN, Championship Auto Racing Team (CART), and Alliance Football. Derrick has also received multiple Telly-awards for videography and editing.

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Senior Engineer

Doug is one of the most respected video engineers in the industry. His decades of experience in video production and show engineering has made him a go-to for system design. His constant attention to detail ensures reliability and quality performance.

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Labor Manager

Kathy is our travel and logistics pro, specializing in corporate crew and staff travel for events of all sizes. She is Airline Reporting Commission (ARC) certified and her 25 years of experience in the industry has made her an expert in fare negotiation, ticketing, reporting, lodging, and crewing. She makes sure that each program is staffed efficiently with the best.

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